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Aluminum Fence


Aluminum Fence Accessories

Are Aluminum Fence Accessories let you customize the look of your fence, maintain your fence and our Bee Stop does just that!  For fence styles with picket which extend above the top rail (Louisville and Madison), Finials add a whole new look.

The Ball Cap are for dressing up the posts.  The scrolls can be used to add an elegant touch to panels and gates.

Bee StopTM helps prevent bees from using your aluminum fence as their home!

Touch up paint is handy to have.  Although the finish of aluminum fence is tough and will last for years and years, mishaps do happen. For example the fence is hit with a hard object, a rock, bicycle, lawnmower, etc.  This can chip the paint. 

Accessories are available via our online store, or order by phone or fax.


Royal Finial
Royal Picket Finial
$1.95 each
Triad Finial
Triad Picket Finial
$1.95 each
Ball Cap
Ball Cap (2")

$5.25 each
Post Cap
Post Cap

$1.30 each
Butterfly Scroll
Butterfly Scroll
$10.00 each
Estate Scroll
Estate Scroll
$25.00 each
Wall Flange (adjustable)
Wall Flange

$3.60 each
Base Flange
Base Flange

$10.39 each
Touch Up Paint
$9.15 each
Bee Stop
Bee StopTM
$0.50 ea



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