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We offer, free of charge, to review and assist with your fence installation design.  Call us during normal business hours or email or fax us a sketch of your design, be sure to include your contact information when sending us your design!

Our fence experts will, review the design, contact you if they have questions or concerns and will prepare a firm quotation of your fence project!

Definitions and Descriptions of fence components:

Before we being the design lets first understand the fence components we will be using in the design:

A typical fence installation has three major components; Fence sections (also called panels), posts and gates. When ordering you will need to choose your fence height and some other features such as gate widths, post caps (for vinyl and aluminum fence), decorative features and gate hardware.

Fence Sections: Aluminum assembled sections are - 6 foot on center, where vinyl panels are 8 foot on center.  Shorter panels are created by cutting the section. Fence sections do not include posts! Post are sold separately.

Fence Posts: Posts come in a variety of "types": Line, Corner, End, Gate and Blank. Each type is machined to match the use, with the exception of a blank post which is not machined. Aluminum and Vinyl Posts come with a standard flat caps.

  • Line Post - Used to connect two panels in a straight line
  • Corner Post - Used to connect two panel at a corner
  • End Post - Used to end or start a fence line.
  • Gate Post - Special post to be used with gates.
  • Blank Post - Used for customized areas of a fence installation and is machined as needed at the site.

Fence Gates: Gates come in standard widths of: 36", 42", 48", 60" and 72".

  • Aluminum Gates come standard with self-closing hinges and a brass handle latch. We offer and Protector Jr. For additional safety around pools, traffic or other hazards.
  • PVC Gates the hardware is sold separately. 

The Design Sketch:

A typical design begins with a sketch of the area the fence is to be installed. 

  • The length of each run  is measured and added to the sketch. 
  • The locations of the gates if any are also marked.
  • Divide each straight run by the length of the panel (6 foot for aluminum and 8 foot for vinyl) if the number is not even always round up. 
  • If a straight run in not an even number, the design has to consider if the short panel will be on one end of the run or split at each end.  This will affect the number of posts.
  • Note: The grade of the installation must be considered, fence is designed to rack to accommodate moderate grade changes, but there are limits. 
  • Once the design layout is complete, the number of panels, posts (of each type), gates and hardware can be determined.


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