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Ornamental Steel Fence in Philadelphia & Baltimore

Fence Wholesale

Fence Wholesale offers a full line of commercial ornamental steel fence and gates including " and 1" square pickets on 4" centers with either 2 or 3 horizontal rails.  Fence and gates are double powder coated and feature a 10 year warranty. 

We offer the following styles: Majestic, Classic / Warrior, Genesis and Invincible.

Please call with your dimensions for price estimates.
"as a rule ornamental steel fence is 20%-25%
more than ornamental  aluminum fencing"

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Majestic Style

The smooth clean lines of the Majestic style make it ideal for many contemporary applications. Available in both two and three-rail styles.

Aegis Plus - Majestic

Warrior Style 

Classic Style

Classic Aegis Plus - Classic

The extended spear-pointed pickets of the Classic and Warrior style lends to its popularity for most traditional ornamental applications.  Available in both two and three-rail styles.

Genesis Style  

The Genesis style offers extended pickets similar to the Classic, but is differentiated by having a flat rather than spear-shaped picket top.  Genesis is becoming increasingly popular as a perimeter for apartments and condominiums.  Two and three-rail styles available.

Aegis Plus - Genesis

Houston Hobby Airport

The Invincible style is an alternative to barbed wire atop chain link fencing.  The unique curving picket and special condensed spacing at posts make it the industry leader in ornamental fences of this class.

Invincible 2-Rail


Black Bronze White Desert Sand
Black Bronze White Desert Sand

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