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PVC (Vinyl) Fence

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Fence Wholesale offers a full line of vinyl (PVC) products, both residential and agricultural.

From fencing and posts, every  piece of hardware to complete your installation.

We carry vinyl picket fence, vinyl privacy fence and vinyl semi-privacy fence styles and gates. We also have vinyl pool code fencing.

Our products are of the highest quality and time tested for durability.

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Agricultural Fence Installation
Fence Wholesale
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Fence Wholesale fence, properly installed, is warranted to provide years of durable, nearly maintenance free service. Every installation is unique and requires decisions to be made, on the job, by the installer. Specific performance requirements, soil conditions, climate conditions, and other situations must be considered for each installation and are the sole responsibility of the installer. Fence Wholesale is not responsible for installation practices and procedures and this manual is not intended to cover every circumstance that may be encountered. This manual only contains methods of installations that have been proven successful in the past and is not to be construed as the only possible way of installation.

If you have specific questions about our products or their installation, please call 1-866-525-9288 for technical assistance.

  • Marking Paint (brightly colored)

  • String

  • Stakes (rebar may be used)

  • Saw (fine tooth)

  • Pole Hole Digger w/1 0 or 12 Bit

  • Level

  • Duct Tape

  • Tamping Bar

  • Shovel

  • Measuring Tape (50 or 100)

  • Sledge Hammer and Wood Blocks

  • Concrete (wet or dry)

  • Notching Tool


CAUTION: This manual is for residential fence only. All fence and gates must be installed to conform with B.O.C.A. Specifications and/or local building code regulations.


NOTE: Local municipalities may require a setback from property line to fence line, otherwise, it is recommended to be 2 inside the property line. It is important to find out all the requirements before installing your fence.

Survey land for special features, obstructions, underground cables, concrete from old fence be sure to follow all local building codes and obtain a building permit if necessary. If underground utility lines are present contact utility companies before digging.

Run string lines push as low to ground as possible without distorting straight line. (Avoid tall grass & weeds)

Map location for holes using 50 or 100 tape measure. Run along string and spray with marking paint every 80. (remember that posts should not be installed more than 8 center to center, but may be slightly under as rails may be cut but not lengthened.) Use a different mark to signify location of gate posts*. (See Diagram 1)
* Refer to gate installation section for setting of gate posts.

Dig post holes - remove string line without moving stakes.  Using a post hole digger or auger bit (8" for 4" inch posts, 10" for 5" posts) dig down to proper depth while staying as plumb as possible.  Repeat for every 8' mark as well as gated openings*.  Accuracy in depth helps to simplify installation.

Note: Recommended depth of holes to be 30" - 36" minimum - Check local codes and frostline as greater depth may be required.

*Refer to gate installation section for setting of gate posts

Diagram 1


Re-run string line on original stakes (8" to 12" from high spot of ground

Set proper post in each hole (end, corner, line). Cleanup of some holes may be necessary due to large rocks or roots. Some posts may need to be cut.  Use level and hold post in its desired location.  (Check height, distance from next post.  Distance from string line, and level).  Post should be kept at a slight distance from the string line so as not to deflect line.  Kick in and or tamp only enough dirt to hold location.  Repeat until all posts are lightly set (still adjustable)


To insure a quality job, it is strongly recommended that all line posts be set in concrete.  And it is necessary for all corner, end, and gate posts.  to do this , hold post in place to prevent slippage.  Fill remainder of hole around post with concrete to 3 - 6" inches blow ground level.  Be sure to work concrete into hole by shaking post.  Make sure post is exactly where is should be.  Continue filling all holes.  Gate posts must be accurately measured and set.  (See gate installation section)  make any final adjustments and cover concrete with remaining dirt. (See Diagram 2)

Diagram 2

Run rails in staggered pattern.  (See Diagram 3) free end of rail must be notched using a notching tool.  Some rails may need to be cut to fit properly.  the rails must be allowed "Breathing room" (1/2" minimum) and cannot be butted against one another.


Clean up fence and put caps on all posts.  Take care in wiping down the entire fence especially any concrete which may be on the post or the ground.

Diagram 3


To insure proper post spacing, make a jig measuring 91 long from a scrap fence rail or wood 2" x 4".

Use 8' rails for very uneven terrain or extreme angles.

For exact 90 corners, use a 3. 4. 5, triangle.


A level across the top rail of the completed fence will give accurate measurements, but fence will appear to flow better by adjusting post height by vision.

If a radius in the fence line is desired (Radius should be 40' or more).  use a center stake and rotate a string around it while marking post locations.  A larger radius will offer more strength with staggered 16' rails compared to a smaller radius with 8' rails.

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