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PVC (Vinyl) Fence

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Fence Wholesale offers a full line of vinyl (PVC) products, both residential and agricultural.

From fencing and posts, every  piece of hardware to complete your installation.

We carry vinyl picket fence, vinyl privacy fence and vinyl semi-privacy fence styles and gates. We also have vinyl pool code fencing.

Our products are of the highest quality and time tested for durability.

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PVC Privacy Gate Installation
Fence Wholesale
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Fence Wholesale fence, properly installed, is warranted to provide years of durable, nearly maintenance free service. Every installation is unique and requires decisions to be made, on the job, by the installer. Specific performance requirements, soil conditions, climate conditions, and other situations must be considered for each installation and are the sole responsibility of the installer. Fence Wholesale is not responsible for installation practices and procedures and this manual is not intended to cover every circumstance that may be encountered. This manual only contains methods of installations that have been proven successful in the past and is not to be construed as the only possible way of installation.

If you have specific questions about our products or their installation, please call 1-866-525-9288 for technical assistance.

  • Marking Paint (brightly colored)

  • String

  • Stakes (rebar may be used)

  • Saw (fine tooth)

  • Pole Hole Digger w/1 0 or 12 Bit

  • Level

  • Duct Tape

  • Tamping Bar

  • Shovel

  • Measuring Tape (50 or 100)

  • Sledge Hammer and Wood Blocks

  • Concrete (wet or dry)

  • Notching Tool


CAUTION: This manual is for residential fence only. All fence and gates must be installed to conform with B.O.C.A. Specifications and/or local building code regulations.


NOTE: Local municipalities may require a setback from property line to fence line, otherwise, it is recommended to be 2 inside the property line. It is important to find out all the requirements before installing your fence.

Use end posts for hinge and latch posts and set to the following opening sizes:
    For standard Fence Wholesale gates
4 gate- 48 opening between posts
5 gate- 60 opening between posts
6 gate- 72 opening between posts

(See diagram 8 on bottom of page for details)

The opening size between posts should be the gate frame width +1 .

Note: It is highly recommended to use our special aluminum insert in hinge post. This must be installed before the post is set in concrete. (for alternate method see step 6)

After digging holes and required opening size is achieved, backfill holes with concrete as shown in diagram 1.


Diagram 1

Immediately plumb posts in both directions, and level height of posts using a string. (A sledgehammer and wood block may be used to lower posts if necessary.)

Diagram 2
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Position hinges at desired location on gate, (Preferably near upper and lower corners) and attach hinges using tek screws provided thru the face of hinge (4 holes) and into the gate frame. The arrows on hinge body should be pointing up, with hinges firmly attached to the gate, pull the free end of hinge open and attach two (2) screws thru the leg of hinge into the gate frame. (See diagram 3)

Note: For the Larger tru-close hinge,     three (3) screws will be used thru face of hinge and three (3) screws thru the leg.




With hinges attached to gate, place the gate into opening and set free end of hinges onto the hinge post. Make sure the top rail of gate lines up with the top rail of the fence and the gate should be level. (If the hinge post is not plumb, the gate will not be level) Using tek screws provided, attach hinges to post with four (4) screws thru face of hinge and into post.

Note: For the Larger tru-close hinge, three (3) screws will be used thru face of hinge and three (3) screws thru the Leg.

Diagram 3
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Diagram 4
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With both hinges attached firmly to the post arid gate. open gate and attach remaining screws thru the leg of hinge and into the post. (See diagram 5)

Hinge tension may be adjusted by removing phillips head screw on top of hinge barrel and insert a flat screw driver into slot below. Depress and turn until desired tension is accomplished. Replace cap, hinge installation is now complete.


Diagram 5
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Not required if using aluminum insert from step 1.  Note the aluminum insert also provides the screws additional support. 


If not using the aluminum insert It is recommended that hinge post be filled with concrete and two (2) #4 rebar to provide additional strength and support for the gate. Seal incoming rails of fence with duct tape prior to filling post to prevent concrete from flowing into

Diagram 6
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STEP 7 Lokk-Latch Mounting

The Lokk-Latch includes all necessary hardware for mounting. including optional external access kit which allows access from both sides of fence. Latch is designed to mount on the inside (house side) of fence, and may be installed right or left handed by removing six (6) screws on rear of Latch body, flipping mounting bracket over, and re-attaching latch body. See manufacturer installation instructions for more details.

Diagram 7
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Additional Gate and Hardware Information:

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Hinge and Latch Locations
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Diagram 8
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