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PVC (Vinyl) Fence

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Fence Wholesale offers a full line of vinyl (PVC) products, both residential and agricultural.

From fencing and posts, every  piece of hardware to complete your installation.

We carry vinyl picket fence, vinyl privacy fence and vinyl semi-privacy fence styles and gates. We also have vinyl pool code fencing.

Our products are of the highest quality and time tested for durability.

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Privacy Section Installation
Fence Wholesale

Fence Wholesale fence, properly installed, is warranted to provide years of durable, nearly maintenance free service. Every installation is unique and requires decisions to be made, on the job, by the installer. Specific performance requirements, soil conditions, climate conditions, and other situations must be considered for each installation and are the sole responsibility of the installer. Fence Wholesale is not responsible for installation practices and procedures and this manual is not intended to cover every circumstance that may be encountered. This manual only contains methods of installations that have been proven successful in the past and is not to be construed as the only possible way of installation.


If you have specific questions about our products or their installation, please call 1-866-525-9288 for technical assistance.

  • Marking Paint (brightly colored)

  • String

  • Stakes (rebar may be used)

  • Saw (fine tooth)

  • Pole Hole Digger w/1 0€ or 12€ Bit

  • Level

  • Duct Tape

  • Tamping Bar

  • Shovel

  • Measuring Tape (50€™ or 100€™)

  • Sledge Hammer and Wood Blocks

  • Concrete (wet or dry)

  • Notching Tool


CAUTION: This manual is for residential fence only. All fence and gates must be installed to conform with B.O.C.A. Specifications and/or local building code regulations.


NOTE: Local municipalities may require a setback from property line to fence line, otherwise, it is recommended to be 2€ inside the property line. It is important to find out all the requirements before installing your fence.

Also See:


Weep holes should be drilled in bottom of lower rail, especially if posts are filled with concrete. Using a Ό€ drill bit that is 4€ long (from drill chuck), drill 3 holes- one in center and the other two at each end of rail approx. 8 to 12 inches from end. Holes should be drilled from bottom and thru both internal ribs in the rail. (See diagram 1.) This will prevent moisture from collecting in the rail.




Install pre-assembled sections. Starting at one end, insert bottom rail into the first post, then follow with the mid and top rails. Push the rails into the routed holes until the notch engages properly. Moving to the free end of section, finish installing the section into the second post. Insert the bottom rail first, by firmly pushing rail into the first post and then swing the free end up over the bottom hole in the second post. Push the rail down until it snaps into the lower hole. Complete the installation by inserting mid and top rails.




Continue installing sections as indicated in step 2, until all sections are secured in the posts.


Diagram 1

Diagram 2



Slide upright slats on both top and bottom sections to one side of fence as shown. Position the fillers that are provided to fill the gap. Since the fillers are U-Shaped as shown, they may be allowed to overlap the board beside them for smaller gaps and adjusted back accordingly for larger gaps. Fillers should be positioned on the same end of fence (top to bottom) for a good symmetrical appearance. (See diagram 3).

Diagram 3


Install alignment screws on the inside of each section as shown in diagram 4. Keep the edge of alignment cap as tight to post as possible and position about 1 Ύ€ from edge of rail. See diagram 5 for recommended location of screws. (Self-drilling screws are provided- a power screw driver or drill should provide easiest installation)


Diagram 4

Diagram 5


Clean up fence and put caps on all posts. Take care in wiping down the entire fence especially any concrete which may be on the posts or the ground.


To insure proper post spacing, make a jig measuring 67€ long from a scrap fence rail or wood 2 x 4.

For exact 90 corners, use a 3. 4. 5, triangle.

Cutting Board Privacy Section
  1. Measure the distance between posts of the €˜shortened€™ section.
  2. Cut the rails 5€™ longer than the distance between posts.
  3. Determine the number of boards needed by:
    Taking the distance between posts and divide by 3 (for 3€™ boards)
    Taking the distance between posts and divide by G (for G€™ boards)
    (If there is a remainder- the end board may be rip cut to the needed
    width. A Ύ€ thick wood filler may need to be inserted for rigidity.)
  4. Remove unneeded boards and install section.


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