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Iron Fence (taxes and shipping extra)
Ornamental iron fence with solid 1/2" pickets, three six foot wide sections approx 36" high plus gate and one round post. Package price of $800, delivery extra

Aluminum Fence(taxes and shipping extra)
Ornamental Aluminum

Home Builders Show Sales Items

*****Aluminum Fence Sections*****

DELGARD SECTIONS-Residential grade 5/8" pickets, unless noted (POSTS Extra)
PRICE $35.00/6' wide SECTION-materials price only, ask about getting it installed!!!

Madison Aluminum Fence  3 sections - 60" BARCELONA Bronze (NEW) Staggered picket top
Rockingham Aluminum Fences  4 sections 48" DORIA Bronze (2NDS)
  8 sections 48" DORIA Green (2NDS)
  4 sections AERO 48" DORIA Green (2NDS)


Saratoga Ornamental Aluminum Fence  3 sections 36" ELBA Black (2NDS)
  2 sections 42" ELBA Bronze (2NDS)
11 sections 48" ELBA Green (2NDS)
  3 sections 72" ELBA Bronze (2NDS)


Aluminum Fencing in Saratoga 1 section GUARDIAN ELBA Bronze (2NDS)

 1 section GUARDIAN ELBA Black (2NDS)


4' high Flat Top Black x 8’ wide On Guard aluminum fence (Industrial grade – starling style)  
13 sections or 104 lineal feet $109/section 10 ea 2-1/2” line posts $49/post
  6  ea 2-1/2” corner posts $49/post  

PA residents add 6% sales tax  
FREE freight within 30 miles of Harrisburg, PA.  Outside 30 miles, freight extra.”  

6' high open, aluminum pressed spear picket top (Ameristar ACB4728), Black ¾” pickets 6' high X 8' wide sections, assembled  
24 sections or 192 lineal ft. $219/section 11 sections assembled 13 kits. assembly extra.  
9- 93" posts available at $40/post
24-10' posts available at $49/post  

PA residents add 6% tax. 
Free delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg outside, freight extra

54" Flat Top Pool Code Aluminum fence, Color:  Bronze slightly dinged and scratched  
21 sections 126 Lineal Ft.  $40/section  
1 Gate Straight top 54" hi X 36" wide  $140
1 Gate Straight top 54" hi X 48" wide  $175 2” posts extra @ $20 each.  

PA residents add 6% sales tax.
Free Delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg otherwise, freight extra.

48” high pressed picket top,  pewter/dark bronze color  
7 sections at $49/section
4 – 2” line posts $16/post
3 – 2” end posts $16/post  
additional posts available $18.50/post  

PA residents add 6%
Free delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg outside, freight extra

48” High Aluminum Dog Fence Flat Top Black   
5 Sections x 6’ wide at $89/section. 
Posts $18/post  

PA residents add 6% sales tax. 
Free delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg otherwise, freight extra

1- Ornamental aluminum gate 4’ high x 4’ wide,
Spear Top – color - white  
Includes self-closing Hinges
Latch extra  
List Price $249, BLOWOUT price $175. 
PA residents add sales tax.  
FREE delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg.  Otherwise, shipping extra.  

$70.00 PER SECTION (reg. $110.00)

  2 sections 32" INSBRUCK Black (2NDS)
sections 48" INSBRUCK Black (2NDS)

Saratoga Ornamental Aluminum Fence$70.00 PER SECTION (reg. $120.00)

  6 sections COMM 48" STRATFORD Black (NEW)
sections 48" STRATFORD Black W/ CIRCLES (2NDS)


Saratoga Ornamental Aluminum Fence  3 sections - S48BL STYLE (2NDS) $25.00 EACH

All prices plus tax.

Saratoga Ornamental Aluminum Fence8 sections of 4' high Hunter Green Delgard (Elba) Fence available, $50.00 each. They are brand new still in box, buy one or buy all, shipping extra


42" high commercial grade Kingsford ornamental aluminum fence, 10 ea 42" h x 72" wide sections (BRONZE) @ $120.00 each, shipping FREE if East of the Mississippi River

Elite (Commercial)
   1 5/8" x 1 5/8" Cross Bars
   1" Square x .065" Thick Spindles
   2 1/2" Posts (Line, Corner, End, Three-Way and Gate)

18 feet (3 sections) of 3' high Delgard Black Elba (Saratoga style) fence with posts, priced at $51.00 per section and $14.00 per post OR $10.88 per foot!!!! Shipping is extra


VARIOUS Delgard sections, gates and posts - all residential - black, bronze and green. CALL 866-525-9288 if you just need a section or a gate!!!!

NEW *** 66 feet of 48" high Delgard Black Innsbruck Aluminum Fence (2" opening) priced at $101.00 per section and $15.89 per post. Shipping extra.

Driveway Gates(taxes and shipping extra)
Monumental Iron Works Imperial style gate 18' wide double swing gate x 8' high-commercial grade. Price $1,500 plus shipping. Posts extra.

PVC Products(taxes and shipping extra)
6’ high PVC Dogwood Style Haven Series fence, Color:  Wicker 1-3/4” x 5-1/2" rail fence with finished height of 70"  X 8' long sections  
17 sections or 136 Lineal Ft.  $119/section, regular price $164.
5” Posts made to order  $32/post.  

PA residents add 6% sales tax. 

FREE delivery within 30 Miles of Harrisburg otherwise, shipping extra.

2 ea PVC Gates Wicker Color (dark tan) 6' High X 4' Wide $165/gate fits 48” wide opening.  

Price includes self-closing Hinges and pad-lockable Latch  

Shipping extra or pick up in Elizabethtown, PA.   PA residents add 6% sales tax

Leftover or once hung gates (at half off new pricing)

Tongue and groove privacy, Gates
Various widths 3 or 4 ft. Wide x 6 ft. High.

Colors both tan and white. @ $100 ea While they last!

QTY of 2 available, 48"-42" high, 8' long, wide space scalloped, wide picket, white pvc fence @ $50 per section

New posts are $15 ea.


Prices do not include delivery!

WOOD Products (taxes and shipping extra)
1x4x6 Gothic topped Western Red Cedar pickets @ $2.50 each.
Pickets are once hung and have nail holes.
Qty of 475 available.


(130 available) 1x6x5 western red cedar pointed top pickets

(30 available) 1"x6"x39" western red cedar plaint  top pickets

$1.50 each

**Pricing does not include delivery.
Wood pickets can not be shipped via common carrier due to the cost, pickets must be picked up in Harrisburg, PA or fencewholesale.com can deliver within a 1 hour radius.

CHAINLINK Products(taxes and shipping extra)



CHAIN LINK Windscreen


Only one available
Color Black
Continuous Arched Gate

54" Amethyst 12' wide PC

List price $850.00

Sale price $399.00, includes regular hinges-shipping extra

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